Create rapidly interactive 3D applications
Inscape Pro

Interactive Training and Simulation authoring software

Inscape Pro is the ideal solution to develop custom and powerful training content. It allows the creation of rich and interactive applications with extraordinary simplicity. Make your content come alive with eye-catching 3D, virtual actors, contextual multimedia assets and interactive elements such as quizzes. Define branching or linear scenarios and publish them to desktop, mobile devices or web application.

Key Benefits

Produce high impact training material

Produce high impact training material

Organize your content inside rich interactive scenarios to produce more effective, engaging and high impact training material. By providing hand-on experiences, virtual training is the most effective way to increase the efficiency of industry and business training processes.

Substantially Reduce Development Time and Effort

Substantially Reduce Development Time and Effort

Maximize user productivity while minimizing training content production times. Because Inscape is not just a game engine but delivers all the required functions within an all-in-one authoring tool, it significantly reduces development and validation time.

Get autonomous

Get autonomous

Take control of your training content. Inscape provides full autonomy to create tailored applications. You’re no longer captive from a 3rd party supplier, and your training materiel can evolve over time based on your training goals and industry regulations.

Easy to use

Easy to use, no coding

Inscape's visual authoring tools make it possible for users of all levels to develop 3D and multimedia interactive training scenarios. No development skills are required. Synapse, our visual scripting editor gives you limitless control over how the application behaves without touching a single line of code.

Develop once and publish for many platform

Develop once and publish for many platforms

Inscape provides the ability to develop and publish custom interactive e-learning content through multiple platforms and formats, including stand-alone desktop applications, mobile apps, web applications and video files.

Integrates into professional environments

Integrates into professional environments

Inscape’s open architecture provides all it needs to integrate within professional environments. It supports most industry standard 2D, 3D and multimedia file formats. The embedded scripting language and SDK give you limitless capabilities to interface with external software applications.

Key features

Drag and drop

Comprehensive drag-and-drop creation process

Inscape offers an accelerated workflow for building your own interactive applications. It’s been specifically designed to increase the speed of your workflow and lower your costs: import your assets, detach parts of 3D models and animate them, define the interactivity, test and debug instantly right from inside the editor.

Rich content at your fingertips

Rich content at your fingertips

Virtual Training is more than a 3D game, and you need more than just 3D objects to achieve your objectives. Create rich interactive applications with Inscape by aggregating all types of content, including 3D environments, multimedia assets, documents, web content, user interfaces, quizzes and much more.

Optimized Graphics engine

Optimized Graphics engine

Inscape’s 3D engine delivers high fidelity, feature-rich 2D and 3D graphical environments regardless of the product domain or industry. It supports standard 2D and 3D file formats and takes the most out of modern 3D graphics hardware.

immersive environments

Immersive environments

Inscape makes it easy to rapidly create stunning content for immersive system. Activate the stereoscopic rendering in one click and discover your 3D content like you never seen it. You benefit from a large range of input devices through the VRPN library.

Additional modules

Inscape Pro supports the usage of additional modules that will make you benefit from even more content and features. It is also compatible with the Inscape SDK that will let you create your own plug-ins for yourself or to distribute them.

documentation add-on

Advanced documentation content

This additional module provides support for specific documentation content such as navigable PDF, Web content, YouTube videos or Cortona 3D animations.


LMS integration

This additional module adds a new publishing target for Learning Management Systems integration. Easily embed interactive content into your courses by generating a SCORM compatible web page and interact with the LMS using the dedicated tasks.