Animation and Interaction

Inscape comes with a set of smart entities designed to ease the creation of animations and interactions. Use them together with Synapse editor to rapidly create truly interactive scenarios.

Paths, zones and hotspots

Inscape - Paths and hotspots

Inscape allows you to draw path, hotspots or zone. Use them to move or place your objects, create camera animations or detect collisions.


Inscape - Proximity Trigger

Triggers help you defining game logics visually. Use proximity triggers to know when an entity has entered a given zone, delay triggers to receive delayed or periodic events, multiple triggers to synchronize multiple events. You can even create your own objects to define any game mechanism you may need.

Device interaction 

Inscape - Device Interaction

Connect the most common devices and interact with your simulation. Inscape relies on the open-source VRPN technology to support a very wide range of devices such as keyboard, mouse, joystick, space-mouse, wiimote and many more. Simply map the keys to the actions, hit Play, you’re already in the game.